The Mets Lineup. Leadoff: Reyes Or Granderson?

by Corey Mansfield

Here we go again...the Mets have had outstanding starting pitching but can't score runs.  In the offseason Terry Collins made the decision to move Curtis Grandson from the leadoff spot to cleanup and put Jose Reyes in the leadoff spot. Reyes has been brutal at best, looking completely lost at the plate. Reyes has always had an odd batting stance, swinging a head of pitches and constantly picking up his back foot. It's seems that these bad habits have gotten much worse this season. Reyes' On-base percentage has gone down substantially over the last few years and this season is no exception. This season Reyes is hitting .053 with OBP of .100. At this point in his career Reyes should be more selective with pitches and looking to draw more walks rather than swinging out his shoes.

Curtis Granderson should be the Mets leadoff hitter (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
How does Terry Collins fix this. Well it's pretty simple, move Reyes down in the order and put Granderson back in the leadoff position. Granderson and Reyes have very similar on-base percentage for their careers but Granderson is much better at working pitchers. In 2015, Granderson lead MLB with PPA (pitches per plate appearance) with 4.37. Last season he was 12th in the league at 4.24. Reyes had 3.81 PPA.

Granderson's ability to wear down pitchers at the top of the order will help the power hitters down in order succeed. The more pitches the pitchers throw, the more mistakes they'll likely to make down in the order.

Here's what I think the Mets lineup should look like:

1. Curtis Granderson - CF
2. Asdrubal Cabrera - SS
3. Yeonis Cespedes - RF
4. Lucas Duda - 1B (Wilmer Flores against LHP)
5. Neil Walker - 2B
6. Jay Bruce - LF
7. Travis d'arnaud
8. Pitcher's Spot
9. Jose Reyes - 3B

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