Trading Mo Wilkerson (and 1st Round Pick) To The Browns For The #1 Pick Makes Sense

The New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns could be great trading partners in the upcoming NFL Draft.
Mo Wilkerson could be a huge trading chip for the Jets (photo credit: Getty Images)
Both organizations have been searching for franchise quarterbacks for over a decade. This could be the year they both find one. 

The news that UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen may not enter the NFL draft for fear of being drafted by the Browns could hurt him. I think that's a huge mistake. He should just enter the draft and see what happens. 

Josh Rosen could be perfect fit for the New York Jets (photo credit: Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
Remember back in 2004? Eli Manning was drafted by the Chargers and showed his displeasure? He was traded for the Giants not even an hour later for Philip Rivers. That deal worked out for both teams. The Giants have won two Super Bowls with Manning and Philip Rivers is having a hall of fame career with the Chargers. 

The Jets have a huge trading chip in Mohammad Wilkerson. Wilkerson has worn out his welcome in New York and is seems as though the organization will look to trade/release him. That's why a trade of Wilkerson to the Browns makes sense. The Browns have  a ton of cap space to take on the contract like Wilkerson's. It would also make their defensive unbelievable with Wilkerson and last year's #1 pick defensive end Myles Garrett. 

The Jets could trade Wilkerson and their first round pick to the Browns for the first overall pick. The Jets could get Josh Rosen at #1 and have him sit behind Josh McCown for a year and learn the system.  There will be no rush and the future will look bright. 

The Browns on the other hand still have the the #4 overall pick they got from the Texans last season and could take USC quarterback Sam Darnold (That's if the Giants and Colts don't take Darnold. I don't think either will. I think the Giants will take running back Saquan Barkley and the Colts will take linebacker Arden Key). 

The Browns could then take the #7 overall pick they got from the Jets to take offensive tackle Mike McGlinchy from Notre Dame to sure up their offensive line. 

To me it seems like a winning deal for both teams. Let's wait and see what happens...

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