Top 10 On-Field MLB Hats of All-Time

by Corey Mansfield 

There has been some great on-field hats through out baseball history. Some better than others. Who can forget the awful Pittsburgh Pirates hats of the late 1970's? They were pretty bad. However, most through out history have been pretty awesome.

Here's my list of the top 10 on-field hats in major league history (sorry Red Sox fans, they didn't make the list).  (images used during the post are from, and all hats are available to purchase on their site). 

#10 - Cleveland Indians - Regardless how you feel about the logo and the "racism" the may exhibit. This is a very cool hat. While many people felt Chief Wahoo was racist, I think it can be interpreted as a memorial to Native Americans. 

#9 - Toronto Blue Jays - The Blue Jays wore this hat for the earlier part of their existence and then suddenly made a change. The change didn't go well and the switched back to this hat (with some slight modifications). Any hat that comes back in style has to be on my list. 

#8 - Montreal Expos - The second Canadian team making this list. The Expos hats were always iconic. The logo was that fitting of Montreal and it's french Canadian heritage. If you look closely you'll see the "M," "e," and "b." Which stands for "Montreal Expos Baseball."

#7 - Florida Marlins - This was the original Florida Marlins hat before they got stupid silly and became the Miami Marlins and destroyed their hats. The teal was something new and that had never been seen the major leagues before the 1990's. It was different. Who doesn't remember Chucky Carr wearing this lid?

#6 - Chicago Cubs - It's one of the most recognizable hats in MLB history. But what does the "C" stand for Chicago or Cubs? Since the Cubs finally won the world series many fans can now probably wear their Cubs hat. 

#5 - Chicago White Sox - A side from the Yankees this is one of the oldest designs in baseball history. The Sox got away from it in the late 1970's and early 1980's but brought it back. It was one of the most popular hats during the 1990's. How many rappers wore this hat in their videos? 

#4 - New York Mets - The Mets hat is in homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers (blue hat) and New York Giants (orange script) who left New York six years earlier. This hat brought together national league rival fans who lost both their teams to California. 

#3 - Baltimore Orioles - The Orioles brought the character bird hat back in the 2000's after having went with the full bird on their hat for the better part of a decade. This iconic hat was a part of the Orioles championship teams of the 1960's. Glad to see it's back. 

#2 - Brooklyn Dodgers - This hat was more than just a hat it was the symbol of of Brooklyn for years.   It was the symbol of the hard working, blue collar, melting pot that was Brooklyn. Jackie Robinson wore this cap when he broke the "color barrier." That alone makes it iconic. 

#1 - New York Yankees - Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra, Jeter. Twenty-Seven world championships. Enough said. 

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