Top 5 NHL Uniforms of All-Time

by Corey Mansfield

The NHL recently concluded a fan vote on the greatest NHL uniform of all-time. The Chicago Blackhawks won. However, I wouldn't even have put them into my top 10.

Here's my top 5 NHL uniforms of all-time!

All images on this post are from is an amazing site with all the uniforms through out the history of the NHL. Check it out! 

1. Toronto Maple Leafs - It's simple and fresh. What says hockey more than a maple leaf on a jersey!
The current incarnation of the Maple Leaf uniform 
2. Montreal Canadiens - No cartoon logo here. Just straight "old school." There isn't a more iconic jersey in sports.
Uniforms worn by the Canadiens from 1950-56

3. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim - Probably one of the coolest logos ever, on one of the sweetest jerseys of all-time. Every kid in the 1990's wanted a Ducks jersey. Things got weird when they added black and orange.
The original Mighty Ducks uniforms from 1993
4. Pittsburgh Penguins - Penguin on skates! Yes! You can put any color with the Penguins logo and it will look cool. I always preferred the blue jerseys.

The Penguins 1974-76 uniforms
5. San Jose Sharks - This jersey was responsible for many young kids in the 1990's becoming fans of hockey. It was the must have jersey for every kid.

The original San Jose Sharks uniforms from 1991

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