Do Giants Make Big Moves?

by Mike Pelletier 

Where in the world is Odell Beckham Jr., France? With his...uh...female friends? Or has he come to his senses realizing that he’s a huge role model in the football community. I mean, you can buy a wig of Odell’s hair for damn sake.

Professional football is always a joy to watch, and the National Football League is the highest level of professional leagues one can watch. So it makes sense for athletes at this level to keep a manner of professionalism about themselves. Such examples of professionalism DO NOT include, but are not limited to, snorting coke with French... let’s say ladies, being so high out of your mind that your body moves like the American Flag on top of the Empire State Building during the autumn season, and eating a greasy pizza in a bed with nice, white sheets (Well, I’m guilty of the last one, but for the record, I never claimed to be a professional).

OBJ is such a presence in the locker room. He’s someone that his teammates look up to, and there’s absolutely no denying his talent. He has to be that one guy on the roster that you can point to and say “there’s a leader”.

Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And as cheesy as Tobey Maguire could be in those films, that was, still to this day, the greatest quote from any super hero movie (my Instagram is @michaelfpelletier if you’d like to discuss that further). If OBJ wants to get paid big money, he can’t put a burden on the New York Giants franchise like that. It makes everyone look bad, especially someone in his position.

Speaking of positions, do I sense the Giants taking Bradley Chubb first round? Jason Pierre Paul has been sent down south to the Tampa Bay Bucs in exchange for a 3rd round pick and swap of each team’s 4th round. They’re now going to need a replacement for the man, and Chubb seems to be the guy for it.

However, not everything is black and white, especially in the NFL so let’s look at the situation at hand. The Giants currently have the 2nd overall pick. Eli, maybe, has two more good years in him. Maybe. They are also lacking in the run game. Enter, Saquon Barkley. He’s a stud running back out of Penn State with a passion for the game. Wait, also enter, San Darnold, a stud quarterback out of USC with an arm like a cannon. My my my. What choices. Almost already forgotten about Chubb.

This is a tricky draft, and David Gettleman has his work cut out for him. There’s different routes they could go and each makes sense. Having Chubb rushing the passer for you would help especially since JPP is gone. Myles Garrett went #1 overall last year, and Chubb is better so it makes sense to grab Chubb. BUT this class of QBs coming into the draft seems to be an outstanding one. There’s speculation that 5 of them will go in the first 10 picks. This is how dry the market is for good QBs right now. Like I said before, Eli has 2 good years left in him. Maybe. On the bright side, Tom Brady went in the 6th round. “Nuff said” (got that Stan Lee quote in there to tie my Uncle Ben quote back in). In terms of Barkley, there’s really no other back like him this time around. Again, on the bright side, both Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt were 3rd round picks last year and had monster years. It’s all about finding that needle in the haystack. Hopefully that needle doesn’t turn out to be a prick.

The bottom line is that there is options. They have the 2nd overall pick and many-a-team would like to move up especially those in need of a QB. The Giants have some BIG decisions to make (pun). It’s also sad to see JPP leave, but he’s joining a team where they eat their W’s. No, I’m not shortening it for Wheaties. They literally eat their W’s, or have you forgotten?

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