NFL Draft, Top 10 Picks (Mock Draft)

by Mike Pelletier 

#1 Cleveland Browns, Sam Darnold, QB (USC) - The Brown's owner sat with Darnold’s parents at his pro day for Pete’s sake. It would be SUPER surprising if he doesn’t go first overall to the Browns. Only way I can see them not taking Darnold is if the Giants scare them because the Browns also want Barkley. The Browns have been here before...hopefully they don't screw it up again. 

#2 New York Giants, Saquon Barkley, RB (Penn State) - I think the G-men would LOVE to pick Darnold. Eli, maybe, has maybe two good years left. There’s so many good choices for QB this draft, but I think Gettleman is going to take his chances for next year. Either that or count on Davis Webb. Oh, what a tangled up mess that could be. However, the Giants need to get their running game going again and Barkley will be the guy. 

#3 New York Jets, Josh Rosen, QB (UCLA) - Jets need a QB and Rosen is the perfect fit. He'll learn from Josh McCown and should be ready next season. The Jets really need a miracle if they want to make the playoffs in 2018. Sorry, Jets' fans, not this season.

#4 Cleveland Browns, Bradley Chubb, DE (North Carolina State) - This may surprise some Browns fans,  and rightly so, but the Browns are going to have to pull out all the tricks if they want to win a game next season (yes, emphasis on the word ‘a’), and with Barkley out of the picture at this point, I believe the Browns will go for someone to storm the castle with Myles Garrett. 

#5 Denver Broncos, Josh Allen, QB (Wyoming) - In a world where Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch have all failed, is there hope? Broncos shouldn’t pass up on a QB this time around. I mean their offseason story last year was about which QB sucked the least. No Baker Mayfield? See the end.

#6 Indianapolis Colts, Quentin Nelson, OL (Notre Dame) - God only knows when Andrew Luck shall play again. But when he does set foot on the field, he’s going to need people watching his front and back. I’ve got to say though, it amazes me how confident the Colts are in Luck after all this time and surgeries. Nelson provides solid blocking up front, something the Colts haven't had in years. 

#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minkah Fitzpatrick, S (Alabama) - I like to be brutally honest throughout my articles simply because these teams are paying millions of dollars to these athletes and yet they drop passes, they can’t block, and they throw temper tantrums (some, I’m not saying all). Is it wrong that I was excited for the Bucs at all last season? Well, they have betrayed my trust. Hopefully Fitzpatrick will help out, but I’m hoping he has a monster rookie year and finds a more suitable team.

#8 Chicago Bears, Tremaine Edmund, LB (Virginia Tech) - Duh Bears. Excited for Mitchell Trubisky’s second season. The Bears need to snag one of at least the top 10 draft prospects this upcoming draft, and they shouldn’t trade up one slot. The Bears win championships with defense, they need to get back to that. 

#9 San Fransisco 49ers, Calvin Ridley, WR (Alabama) - I’m excited for Jimmy Garappolo to take the field for a whole season. Rightly so, he’s going to need a big, competent, skilled receiver and Ridley fits the bill. Possibly the next coming of Julio Jones. 

#10 Oakland Raiders, Vita Vea, DT (Washington) - Boy oh boy, am I ever excited for the return of Chucky. I’m not talking about the movie (I think that’s a movie title. There’s too many Chucky movies anyways). Add a strong lineman to your roster and show no mercy. In a division with with Kareem Hunt and Melvin Gordan, the Raiders are going to need a run stuffer. 

#15 Arizona Cardinals, Baker Mayfield, QB (Oklahoma) - Regardless of how many teams are going to shy away from this Manziel-ish character. Mayfield is focused and is a winner. 

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