AFL Photos: Philadelphia Soul @ Albany Empire, June 16, 2018, Transfinder Field, Albany, NY

Here are photos of the Arena League Football game between the Philadelphia Soul and Albany Empire from June 16, 2018 at Transfinder Field at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.

The Philadelphia Soul stunned the Albany Empire on Saturday night when Shane Austin hit Darius Prince in the back of the endzone as time expired to give the Soul a 75-74 victory.

"Both teams had a solid game plan going into it and players on both sides made great plays which resulted in a good old fashion shootout! In those kind of games you just have to keep it to one play at a time and continue to answer when the other team scores. Our guys stayed poised and always believed we could win if we had the ball last. We made the most of our opportunity. That's what makes arena football unique...those kind of games are fun to watch and be apart of." said Soul quarterback Shane Austin after the game.

Austin who joined the Soul a couple weeks ago was sensational, completing 26-of-40 passes for 337 yards and 10 touchdowns. Rookie Aaron Wascha was on the receiving end of seven of those touchdowns. Darius Prince also had three touchdowns.

Aaron Wascha catches one of his seven touchdowns on the day (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)
It was heartbreak for the Albany Empire again, as it's the second game in two weeks when they've lost in the closing seconds.  Last week, they lost to Baltimore with 1.6 seconds remaining on a Mark Lewis 17-yard field goal.

Empire quarterback, Tommy Grady threw for 335 yards and 10 touchdowns. Malachi Jones caught five of those touchdowns and added another on the ground. Joe Hills extended his all-time record for consecutive games with a touchdown catch to 89 games and finished the game with three touchdowns. Greg Carr also added two scores in the loss for Albany.

The Soul warmup before their game with Albany (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

The Albany Empire special teams warmup before the game (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Greg Carr (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Kenny Spencer (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Collin Taylor (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Wes Mauia (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Malachi Jones (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Marrio Norman catches passes before the game (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Marrio Norman (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Greg Carr with a one-hand grab during warmups (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Terence Moore (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Greg Carr plays catch (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Breaking it down! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

The Empire! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

The Albany Empresses! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Albany Empress, Maddy gets ready to perform (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Here they come...(photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Mack and Jack head out of the tunnel...(photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Your Albany Empire!!! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Collin Taylor and the rest of the Albany Empire offense (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Brandon Sesay!!! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Rob Keefe and Arthur Hobbs (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Arthur Hobbs!!! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Rio!!! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

T-Moe!!! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Joe Sykes!!! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Team! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Varmah Sonie (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Rob Keefe (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Malachi Jones (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Nick Seither and Terence Moore (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Mike Fafaul (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Tommy Grady and Joe Hills warmup before the game (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

The coin toss (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Tommy Grady drops back in the pocket (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

The Soul defense (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Joe Hills (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Malachi Jones to the endzone for an Empire touchdown (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Kenny Spencer gets ready to attempt a point-after (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Arthur Hobbs comes up to put the hit on Shane Austin (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Rob Keefe watches the game (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Ready? Break! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Aaron Wascha had a huge game (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Darius Prince tries to make a move around Varmah Sonie (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Marrio Norman (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Joe Sykes tries to get the crowd into it (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Adrian Trevino lines up a kick (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

The Albany offense (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Empire huddle (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Greg Carr (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Wes Mauia heads down the field on a kick-off (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Shane Austin surveys the field (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Arthur Hobbs tries to arm tackle Darius Prince (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Joe Sykes comes off the edge (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Pre-snap (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Darius Prince with a touchdown (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Jordan Williams takes a kick-off out of the endzone (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Jordan Williams tries to make a move around Aaron Wascha (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Jordan Williams (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Tommy Grady surveys the field (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Tommy Grady drops in the pocket (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Joe Hills catches a pass (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Keith Newell (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Poppy! Poppy Livers with the return (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Daryl Cato-Bishop, Nick Seither, and Derrick Summers get ready (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Shane Austin calls the play in the huddle (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Nick Seither comes off the ball (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Jordan Williams with the return... (photo credit: Mike Pelletier

Gets upended by Dwayne Hollis (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Tommy Grady looks down field (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Tommy Grady throws a fade (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Tommy eyes Malachi Jones as he comes out of his break (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Malachi Jones reaches for a ball (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Kenny Spencer with a kick-off (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

James Romain (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Touchdown Empire! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Albany Empress, Gabby! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Darius Prince (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Adrian Trevino with an onside kick... (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

... Collin Taylor recovers the onside kick (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Joe Goosby (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Joe Hills (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Clint Dolezel talks to his team (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Rob Keefe (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Dwayne Hollis on the prowl (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Ryan Cave has a word with the official (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Tommy Grady and Ryan Cave (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Tommy Grady takes a shot down field (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Touchdown! Malachi Jones! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

The hold. (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Poppy Livers looks for some space (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Shane Austin drops in the pocket (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Jordan Williams tries to break freee from Dwayne Hollis (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Collin Taylor (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Kenny Spencer kicks off (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Poppy Livers watches the ball come off the netting (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Arthur Hobbs (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Shane Austin and Clint Dolezel discuss the play (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

The Soul offense (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Daryl Cato-Bishop does battle with Keith Newell (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Albany Empress, Hayley! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Rob Keefe watches his team on the goal line (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Brandon Sesay (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Collin Taylor (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Tommy Grady (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Malachi Jones eyes the ball (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Malachi! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Touchdown Joe Hills! (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Joe Hills (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Joe Hills celebrates a touchdown (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Dance Joe, Dance. (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Yeah! (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Joe Hills and Malachi Jones (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Joe Hills being Joe Hills. (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Kenny Spencer with the PAT (photo credit: Mike Pelletier)

Tommy Grady under pressure (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Joe Hills and Tommy Grady talk to the officials (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Moqut Ruffins (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Collin Taylor and Terence Moore on kick return (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Jack! (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Joe Sykes (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

Adrian Trevino puts up a kick (photo credit: Schuyler Meyer)

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