College Football Photos: Richmond Spiders @ UAlbany Great Danes, October 13, 2018, Casey Stadium, Albany, NY

College Football Photos: Richmond Spiders @ UAlbany Great Danes on October 13, 2018 at Bob Ford Field at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium in Albany, NY.

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All photos by Mike Pelletier 

Elijah Ibitokun-Hanks
The Richmond Spiders run some plays before the game 

The Great Danes huddle before the game 

Everyone loves a mascot 

A tribute to the victims killed in the tragedy in Schoharie, NY

Greg Gattuso leads his team down the hill toward the field

Hold em' back!

Juwan Green

Donovan McDonald returns a kick 

Gordon Collins avoids a tackler as he hits the hole

Kareem Gibson (#3) and Tyler Wilkins (#19)

The Spiders celebrate a touchdown 

Grant Gluhaich watches his PAT

Grant Gluhaich kicks off 
Juwan Green heads to the end zone 

Ethan Stark with the kick 

Dante Mount (#16) comes up to make a tackle on Caleb Drake (#10)

The snap

Greg Gattuso talks to the officials

Cortrelle Simpson tries to get to the edge 

Jereh Reeves cuts through two Richmond defenders 

Donovan McDonald with a catch 

Jereh Reeves tries to get his feet in bounds 

Vincent Testaverde surveys the defense 

Juwan Green and Dev Holmes celebrate 

Dev Holmes (#5) and Niko Culnan (#51)

Joe Mancuso breaks away from defenders 

Joe Mancuso gets in the end zone for a touchdown 

Jarmal Bevels 

Down in the trenches 

The Great Danes defense 

Greg Mancuso looks for a receiver down field 

AJ Mistler lays a hit on Greg Mancuso 

1st down. 

Tyler Wilins (#19) throws a stiff arm at Kareem Gibson

Vincent Testaverde calls the play in the huddle 

Vincent Testaverde (#14) tries to get off a pass with pressure coming from Colby Ritten (#92)

Dante Mount (#16) with blockers in front of him 

Elijah Ibitokun-Hanks hits the edge 

Elijah Ibitokun-Hanks gets away from some defenders 

Kareem Brown 

Shotgun snap. 

Darius Reynolds gets into the end zone 

Fair catch. 

Joe Mancuso throws a pass to the sideline 

Jereh Reeves (#84) tries to get around Markus Vinson (#12)

Jereh Reeves dives forward 

Jereh Reeves tracks the ball

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