College Hockey Photos: UMASS Minutemen @ RPI Engineers, October 13, 2018, Houston Field House, Troy, NY

College Hockey Photos: UMass Minutemen @ RPI Engineers on October 13, 2018 at Houston Field House in Troy, NY

All photos by Corey Mansfield

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Fille Lindberg gets ready for the before 

Tommy Grant warms up before the game for the Engineers 

The Minutemen huddle around the net prior to the game 

Todd Burgess

Ture Linden taks an early hooking penalty

TJ Semac directs his teammates

A man possessed 

Cale Makar looks for an outlet pass 

Jake Johnson

Tommy Lee and George Mika take the face-off

Fille Lindberg truies to clear Brady Wiffen out from in front of the net 

Fille Lindberg gets in position 

Brady Wiffen heads in front of the net 

Jake Johnson gets control of the puck 

Meirs Moore

Jake Marrello makes a move towards the front of the net

Ottoville Leppanen

Fille Lindberg makes a block save as it sails wide of the net 

Tommy Lee gets taken down 

Jacob Hayhurst

Brady Wiffen takes a face-off

Ty Farmer

Chaos in front of the net 

Jacob Lakka 

Jasob Hayhurst slams on the breaks 

Fille Lindberg watches the puck get popped up 

Fille Lindberg sqaures himself up during the face-off 

Niko Hildenbrand

Billy Jerry

Jacob Hayhurst tries to make a play in the offensive zone

Linden Marshall 

Tommy Lee

Todd Burgess and Marc Del Gaizo battle 

Linden Marshall tries to see through traffic in front of the net 

TJ Semac sends a pass up ice for Jaren Burke 

Mario Ferraro sends the puck up ice 

The Minutemen celebrate their second goal on the night 

Anthony Del Gaizo tries to make a move around Jake Johnson 

Cale Makar looks at his target before snapping a shot off 

Mario Ferraro sends a shot on net 

Linden Marshall 

John Leonard makes a move toward the front of the net

Jacob Lakka and Mario Ferraro go hard into the boards

Brady Wiffen 

The Engineer bench 

The Engineers nearly tie the game up 

Patrick Polino makes a move around Mitchell Chaffee

Colin Felix heads across center ice

Will Reilly tries to make a play late in the game 

Ottoville Leppanen

UMass celebrates their victory

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