College Hockey Photos: Clarkson @ RPI, November 2, 2018, Houston Field House, Troy, NY

College Hockey Photos: Clarkson @ RPI on November 2, 2018 at Houston Field House in Troy, NY

All photos by Jon Monaghan 

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Starting in goal, Linden Marshall 

Brady Wiffen (#21) and Nico Strum (#17) take the face-off

Jake Marrello (#26)  and Josh Dunne (#21) head for the puck 

Linden Marshall covers up the puck 

Daniel DiGrande on the attack 

Jake Kielly closes the 5-hole to make a save

Brady Wiffen (#21) and Nico Strum (#17) take another face-off

Jaren Burke (#25) battles Greg Moro along the boards 

Daniel DiGrande (#18) tries to get around Nick Campoli (#19)

Daniel DiGrande (#18) makes a move

Nico Strum (#17) makes a diving shot 

Daniel DiGrande snaps a shot 

Jake Marrello (#26) tries to get around Brian Hurley (#4)

Jordan Schneider 

Jake Marrello (#26) heads across center ice 

Clarkson goal!

Jack Jacome 

Linden Marshall 

Brady Ferner (#6) tries to get through traffic 

Anthony Collin (#44) and Brady Ferner (#6) battle along the boards 

Nico Strum ready for the face-off

Josh Dunne (#21) and Tommy Grant (#4) battle 

Brady Ferner (#6) and Anthony Collin (#44) battle for position 

Linden Marshall plays the puck 

Traffic in front of the Clarkson net

Linden Marshall 

Joho Jokiharju (#27) keeps int puck in the zone 

Linden Marshall watches the action 

Jaren Burke takes a face-off with Nico Strum 

Linden Marshall in position 

Jake Johnson (#23)  tries to clear the puck out from in front of the net 

Linden Marshall makes a save

Jake Kielly plays the puck 

Brady Wiffen heads into the offensive zone 

Linden Marshall makes a save 

Jacob Hayhurst 

Jake Kielly takes a break 

TJ Samec 

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