College Hockey Photos: Niagara University @ Army West Point, November 24, 2018, Tate Rink, West Point, NY

College Hockey Photos: Niagara University @ Army West Point on November 24, 2018 at Tate Rink, in West Point,  NY

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All photos by Ben Fraternale

Tate Rink

Mason Krueger heads out of the locker room 

Jared Dempsey watches his teammates as he stretches before the game 

Matt Berkovitz 

Daniel Haider


Young fans watch the Black Knights warm up before the game 

Colin Bilek


Mason Krueger

Matt Berkovitz snaps off a shot during warm ups 

Andrew Quetell

Coby Mack

Taylor Maruya 

Taylor Maruya and Jared Dempsey take in a moment of silence before the game

Daniel Haider 

Duty, Honor, Country. 

Trevor Fidler looks for an open teammate

Coby Mack sends a shot on net 

Jon Hill (#25) tries to make a move around Dominic Franco (#11)

Daniel Haider on the breakaway 

Zach Evancho (#18) sends a shot on net as Jack Zielinski (#28) defends 

Dominic Franco (#11) and Nick Farmer (#12) get ready to take a face-off  

Colin Bilek celebrates his first period goal 

The Black Knights celebrate 

Dominic Franco (#11)  makes a move around a Niagara defender 

Coby Mack brings the puck into the offensive zone 

Taylor Maruya (#17) falls into Niagara goalie Brian Wilson (#33) 

Colin Bilek (#6) restrains a Niagara player for going after Taylor Maruya (#17)

Tipper Higgins (#19) makes a move around a slue of Niagara defenders 

Zach Evancho rips a shot on net 

Up close and personal 

Noah Delmas and his teammates 

Brendan Soucie 

Dominic Franco takes the face-off 

Dominic Franco (#11) tips in a shot past Niagara goalie Brian Wilson (#33)

Matt Berkovitz (#26) and Dominic Franco (#11) are pumped

The Black Knights are all smiles 

Coby Mack 

Dominic Franco (#11) looks for an open teammate in the offensive zone 

Johnny Curran (#14) makes a move around Army defensemen Andrew Quetell (#5)

Jared Dempsey comes across the crease to make a save 

Jared Brandt and Alex Truscott celebrate Niagara's first goal 

Taylor Maruya (#17) makes a move around Niko Kovachis (#23)

Daniel Haider (#9) and Ludwig Stenlund (#29) take the face-off 

Daniel Haider (#9) and Ludwig Stenlund (#29)

Tangled up. 

Brian Wilson (#33) makes a save as Mason Krueger (#23) waits for the rebound

Bryan Gerstenfeld sends the puck up ice 

Matt Berkovitz 

Coby Mack (#4) and Alex Truscott (#22) battle for the puck 

Andrew Quetell (#5) tries to make a move around a Niagara defender 

Dominic Franco

Zach Evancho (#18) and Eric Cooley (#9) in the air after colliding 

The Black Knights celebrate Colin Bilek's 3rd period goal 

Colin Bilek and his teammates 

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