College Hockey Photos: UMass - Lowell @ RPI, November 25, 2018, Houston Field House, Troy, NY

College Hockey Photos: UMass - Lowell @ RPI on November 25, 2018 at Houston Field House in Troy, NY

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Photos by Jon Monaghan & Corey Mansfield

Tyler Wall makes a save during warmups (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Tommy Grant stretches prior to the game (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Mat Harris grabs some water (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Brady Wiffen (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Nick Master (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Jake Johnson gives fans some love before the game (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

The Riverhawks (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Tyler Wall (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Jake Johnson snaps a shot off (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Tommy Grant (#4) tries to get a handle on the puck in front of the net (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Jake Marrello (#26) battles with Nolan Sawchuk along the boards (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Jon McDonald (#11) snaps a shot around Todd Burgess (#17) (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Tyler Wall in position (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Jake Marrello (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Brady Wiffen (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Will Reilly brings the puck across center ice (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Donovan Ott eyes the net (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Ottoville Leppanen puts a move on Jon McDonald (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Goal! (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

The Engineers celebrate their first goal of the game (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Donovan Ott gets his engine going (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Billy Jerry gets ready to take a face-off (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Todd Burgess (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Tyler Wall watches the puck go out of play (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Brady Wiffen (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Owen Savory takes a peak behind him (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

"Or sit silently and listen to our thoughts, with illusions of someday casting a golden light" (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Nolan Sawchuk (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Brady Wiffen (#21) battles with Lucas Condotta (#24) (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Ottoville Leppanen (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Tyler Wall skates toward the net prior to the 2nd period (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Tyler Wall (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Owen Savory gets ready for the 2nd period (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Austin O'Rouke (#13) and Will Reilly (#24) battle for position (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Owen Savory (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Savory shuts the 5-hole to make a save (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Owen Savory watches the action on the opposite end of the ice (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Jake Johnson pushes a UMass-Lowell player against the boards (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Jake Johnson (#23) tries to get around Sam Knoblauch (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

The puck gets by Savory for a goal (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Owen Savory holds the post (photo credit: Jon Monaghan)  

Owen Savory sprawls out for a save (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Owen Savory on the ice after making a save (photo credit: Jon Monaghan

Todd Burgess gets high fives from the bench after scoring a second period goal (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Chase Blackmun (#5) puts a hit on Jaren Burke (#25) (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Timeout (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Tyler Wall watches the play (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Jacob Hayhurst (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Tyler Wall gets ready to head out for the 3rd period (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Tyler Wall makes a kick save (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Avni Berisha (#6) tries to make pass up ice as Patrick Polino (#29) defends (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Otttoveill Leppanen (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

Anthony Baxter (#19) congratulates Tyler Wall (#33) after their victory (photo credit: Corey Mansfield

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