Jacob deGrom wins 2018 NL Cy Young

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By Howie Mansfield, BBM Managing Editor

It's official. What Mets fans have long believed is now reality as Jacob deGrom won the National League Cy Young Award on Wednesday. The votes by the Baseball Writers of America was shocking - 29 of 30 first-place votes were for the Mets' All-Star. There was much debate as to whether a 10-9 pitcher could win the Cy Young, even with an outstanding 1.70 ERA over 217 innings pitched. It's clear that deGrom's season was not only special, but historic. Washington's Max Scherzer was a distant second in the voting, but had a season to remember, finishing 18-7 and a 2.53 ERA. Philadelphia's Aaron Nola finished third with a 17-6 record and 2.37 ERA.

When you look at the list of greats who have won the Cy Young award, many had career seasons, or close to it. The Mets have been fortunate to see their pitchers win the award six times.

List of New York Mets Cy Young Award Winners:

Tom Seaver in 1969: 25-7, 2.21 ERA, 208 Ks, 273.1 innings, 35 starts
Tom Seaver in 1973: 19-10, 2.08 ERA, 251 Ks, 290 innings, 36 starts
Tom Seaver in 1975: 22-9, 2.38 ERA, 243 Ks, 280.1 innings, 36 starts
Dwight Gooden in 1985: 24-4, 1.53 ERA, 268 Ks, 276.2 innings, 35 starts
RA Dickey in 2012: 20-6, 2.73 ERA, 230 Ks, 233.2 innings, 33 starts
Jacob deGrom in 2018: 10-9, 1.70 ERA, 269 Ks, 217 innings, 32 starts

Wins and losses aren't the only way to define greatness. Certainly Seaver's 25 wins in 1969 and Gooden's 24 in 1985 will stand the test of time. It's difficult for any pitcher to win 20 games in this new era of baseball, but it's unprecedented to see a pitcher with just 10, take home the Cy Young Award.

While many of the other Mets stars could finish games (example as Seaver had 18 complete games in 1969 and 1973), deGrom yielded to his bullpen on too many ocassions with less than ideal results. deGrom has only one complete game in 2018. Dickey had five complete games during his 2012 campaign.

Seaver was also 30 years old, the same age as deGrom, when he won the last of his three Cy Young Awards in 1975. Comparing those two years, deGrom had a .68 lower ERA, 26 more strikeouts in four less starts over 63 innings.

Dickey was 37 years old during his Cy Young year, and his ERA was 1.03 higher than deGrom's 1.70. He had one more start and 16.2 more innings, but 39 less strikeouts.

Gooden's strikeout totals were more impressive in 1985 because more hitters are swinging for the fences now. deGrom's 269 was solid, but even Cy Young runner-up Max Scherzer had 300 Ks this season.

Gooden's 1.53 ERA was the best in Mets history. deGrom's was a second, but in a much different time. In 1985, the average ERA was 3.60. In 2018, the average ERA was 4.02. In this time, deGrom's earned run average is an amazing feat, given the fact that he never gave up more than four runs in any start. He was consistent each and every time he went out on the mound. And that's why the baseball writers voted for deGrom.

Congratulations to Jacob deGrom for his achievement. It will be interesting to see how the Mets address his contract situation. After RA Dickey won in 2012, he was prompted traded.

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