College Basketball Photos: Harvard University @ Siena College, December 1, 2018, Times Union Center, Albany, NY

College Basketball Photos: Harvard University @ Siena College on December 1, 2018 at Times Union Center in Albany, NY

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All photos by Jon Monaghan

The Saints get pumped before the game 

Opening tip

Dunk! Sammy Friday IV

Siena HC Jamion Christian talks to Jimmy Ratliff

Sloan Seymour with a jumper 

Evan Fisher (#32) defends Danilo Djuricic (#30) the paint 

Danilo Djuricic (#30) goes up for the shot over Evan Fisher (#32)

Kevin Degnan nails a three 

That's right! Three points!

The Turkey Hunt!

Tommy Huerter Jr. goes up for a layup 

Loose ball 

Kevin Degnan comes down with a rebound 

Henry Walsh (#44) goes up for a layup

Thomas Huerter Jr. (#11) and Manny Camper (#3) defend shot 

Noah Kirkwood (#10) with a layup 

Sammy Friday IV gets ready to shoot free throws 

Manny Camper gets ready to inbound the ball 

Noah Kirkwood gets ready to inbound the ball 

Kevin Degnan dunks!

Hang and observe the aftermath!

Clear to land

Kadeem Smithen shoots a free throw 

Thomas Huerter Jr. 

On the cylinder 

Kevin Degnan

Sammy Friday IV

Evan Fisher (#32) puts up a shot over Henry Walsh (#44)

Jalen Pickett (#22) drives the lane against Justin Bassey (#20)

Jalen Pickett (#22) shoots over Justin Bassey (#20)
An excited Siena bench

Evan Fisher (#32) tries to get around Henry Walsh (#44)

Evan Fisher (#32) gets a shot off over Henry Walsh (#44)

Kevin Degnan (#34) puts a rebound in over Noah Kirkwood (#10)

Sammy Friday IV with the dunk

Sammy Friday IV (#35) posterizing Corey Johnson (#25)

Jalen Picket looks for an open teammate 

Manny Camper (#3) grabs a rebound 

Jalen Pickett with the jumper 

Jalen Pickett hangs in the air 

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