College Hockey Photos: Canisius College @ Union College, December 28, 2018, Messa Rink, Schenectady, NY

College Hockey Photos: Canisius College @ Union College on December 28, 2018 at Messa Rink, in Schenectady, NY

All photos by Corey Mansfield 

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Blake Weyrick

David Baskerville warms up before the game

Blake Weyrick maks a kick save during warmups 

Jimmy Mazza 

The Golden Griffins huddle around the net before the game 

Ryan Walker (#25) weaves through defenders 

Matt Steif (#24) tries to clear the puck out of the crease away from Sebastian Vidmar (#27)

Sean Harrison brings the puck across center ice 

Blake Weyrick in position 

Parker Foo (#22) goes airborne in the crease as Golden Griffins try to clear the puck
Blake Weyrick swaps the puck out of the crease 

Nick Hutchison (#91) and Cole Maier (#17) battle along the boards 

Fletcher Fineman braces for a hit from J.D. Pogue 

J.D. Pogue slams Fletcher Fineman into the boards 

Blake Weyrick gets low as he watches the action 

Blake Weyrick has his mask taken off

No Mask, No problem. 

Blake Weyrick protects the post 

The Dutchmen celebrate their first goal of the game 

Jimmy Mazza

Darion Hanson makes a save 

Darion Hanson 

Taylor Brierley (#2) hands the puck off to Sebastian Vidmar (#27) behind the net 

Fletcher Fineman (#12) is taken into the boards by Casey Jerry (#23) 

Greg Campbell (#20) looks for an open teammate 

Fletcher Fineman 

Darion Hanson tries corral a rebound

Darion Hanson 

Dylan McLaughlin (#13) brings the puck into the offense zone as Vas Kolias (#5) defends 

Cole Maier (#17) and David Parrottino (#9) battle in front of the net 

Sam Morton (#28) and Nick Hutchison (#91) get ready for a face-off 

Greg Campbell (#20) tries to make a move around a defender 

Jimmy Mazza celebrates his goal 

Anthony Rinaldi (#8) makes a move around the back of the net 

Sebastian Vidmar (#27) tries dig the puck out as Logan Gestro (#4) lines ups a check 

Jack Adams (#15) in front of Blake Weyrick 

Anthony Rinaldi (#8) heads toward the net as weaves through traffic 

Casey Jerry 

Blake Weyrick 

Blake Weyrick gets in position as Parker Foo (#22) makes a move towards the net 

Alex Jaeckle 

Darion Hanson (#34) and Brandon Estes (#7) battle in front of the net with David Parrottino (#9) during overtime

Darion Hanson and Jack Adams 

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