College Hockey Photos: St. Lawrence University @ Clarkson University, December 8, 2018, Cheel Arena, Potsdam, NY

College Hockey Photos: St. Lawrence University @ Clarkson University on December 8, 2018 at Cheel Arena in Potsdam, NY

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All photos by Schuyler Meyer

The Golden Knights are ready for their matchup with St. Lawrence 

Marly Quince (#23) pulls on the jersey of Jeff Clarke (#22) as he tries to get to the puck 

The Saints try to get something going in the offensive zone

Players watch the puck head into the corner

Dylan Woolf (#2) checks a Clarkson player into the boards 

Greg Moro (#3) sends a shot on net 

Officials hold back Jack Jacome (#16) from the St. Lawrence players 

Jordan Schneider (#12) slams on the breaks in front of the St. Lawrence net 

Daniel Mannella watches the action behind the net 

Anthony Callin


Daniel Mannella 

Adam Tisdale 

Michael Underwood (#5) loks to make a play with the puck 

St. Lawrence bench 

Clarkson bench

Things getting chippy 

Aaron Thow 

Marly Quince (#23) snaps a shot on net 

Anthony Callin 

Marly Quince (#23) battles with a St. Lawrence player agains the boards 

Dylan Woolf (#2) is taken down from behind 

Marly Quince looks for an open teammate

Arthur Brey (#31) and Cameron Gray (#29) watch the game 

Nick Campoli (#19) tries to steal the puck from Daniel Mannella (#30)

Jere Astren (#20) sets up the power play 

The Golden Knights celebrate after scoring a goal 

High fives 

What do you think they are saying? 

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