The Jets’ Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Statement

By Ryan McCarthy, BBM Staff Writer

The New York Jets suffered another late game collapse this past Sunday, an all too common theme during 2018. The Jets had their foot on the throats of the Green Bay Packers, but instead of continuing to play aggressive as they did the first three quarters, they let their foot off of the gas pedal. The Packers scored 18 unanswered in the fourth and won the game in overtime.

If Sunday’s flop wasn’t bad enough, the Jets organization shared this on their Twitter account late Monday morning:

This was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad statement.

This statement wrapped in a tweet was grossly inappropriate for two reasons: first, it was inappropriate because this disrespected Todd Bowles. Yes, Bowles’ tenure as head coach of the Jets will likely come to an end after this Sunday. The NFL is a cruel business and the human aspect is often lost in the name of winning. Bowles’ job is on the line, but at least allow him to finish the season with dignity.

Second, it’s disrespectful to Jim Harbaugh: Harbaugh’s Michigan squad is preparing Florida in Saturday’s Peach Bowl. Why would any owner want to release a statement to deny that you have no interest in a coach preparing for a bowl game? Rumors of a departure for any college coach can set off ripple effect that has the power to threaten present and future recruiting.

The Jets season has been a sinking ship, but Monday’s statement shows why the organization has been the butt of jokes amongst NFL fans for nearly the last decade.

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