College Basketball Photos: University of Vermont @ University at Albany, January 5, 2019, SEFCU Arena, Albany, NY

College Basketball Photos: University of Vermont @ University at Albany on January 5, 2019, at SEFCU Arena in Albany, NY

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All photos by Scott Hansen

Anthony Lamb (#3) shoots a three from the corner 

Antonio Rizzuto (#0) looks for an open teammate 

Anthony Lamb (#3) blocks a shot 

Cameron Healy (#11) shoots a jumper 

Isaiah Moll (#14) guards Devonte Campbell (#12)

Antonio Rizzuto (#0) drives on Everett Duncan (#21) 

Cameron Healy (#11) drives to the basket 

Cameron Healy (#11) shoots a shoot as falls down 

Devonte Campbell (#12) looks to make a pass 

The UAlbany Cheerleaders 

Antonio Rizzuto (#0) drives to the basketball against Ernie Duncan (#20) 

Ahmad Clark (#2) throws up a shot at the buzzer before the half 

Brent Hank (#11) lays in a basket 

Ahmad Clark (#2) looks to make a move around Robin Duncan (#4)

Antonio Rizzuto (#0) gets around Ernie Duncan (#20)

Antonio Rizzuto (#0) puts a shot up as Samuel Dingba (#5) gets hit 

Brent Hank (#10)

Rayshawn Miller looks in-bound the ball 

Devonte Campbell (#12) tries to put up a shot over Anthony Lamb (#3)

Devonte Campbell shoots a three

Ahmad Clark (#2) hits the floor 

School spirit 

Ahmad Clark sets up the UAlbany offense 

Water break 

UAlbany head coach Will Brown talks to Adam Lulka 

Antonio Rizzuto (#0) drives to the basketball 

Antonio Rizzuto throws up a desperation shot 

Philip Flory gets ready to check in 

Heading towards the hoop 

Cameron Healy (#11) tries to get around to UVM defenders 

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