College Hockey Photos: Union College @ Clarkson University, January 11, 2019, Cheel Arena, Potsdam, NY

College Hockey Photos: Union College @ Clarkson University on January 11, 2019 at Cheel Arena in Potsdam, NY

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All photos by Schuyler Meyer

Greg Campbell (#20) and Nico Sturm (#17)

The Golden Knight celebrate Haralds Egle's first period goal

Anthony Collin (#44) battles along the boards against Fletcher Fineman (#12) and Josh Kosack (#26

John Carter MacLean celebrates Clarkson's second goal of the night 

Michael Underwood (#5) gets love from the Clarkson bench after putting the Golden Knights up 2-0

Anthony Collin (#44) tries to get away from Greg Campbell (#20) 

Aaron Thow (#13) tries to make a move around Brandon Estes (#7) 

Aaron Thow (#13) is checked by Brandon Estes (#7) as Lucas Breault (#14) steals the puck 


Josh Dunne (#21) watches his shot on net 

Clarkson goes up 3-0 

Union goalie Darion Hanson tries to compose himself after giving up a third goal

Jordan Schneider (#12) dumps the puck into the offense zone 

Anthony Callin (#44) celebrates his goal

Nick Campoli (#19) gets ready to congratulate Anthony Collin (#44) 

Zach Emelifeonwu (#13) tries to make a play and get the Dutchmen back in the game 

Nico fast 

Sam Morton (#28) looks into the crowd 

Nico Strum (#17) slams on the breaks behind the net 

Jake Kielly makes a save 

Just another Friday night in Potsdam 

Josh Dunne (#21) takes a face-off against Sean Harrison (#29)

Jake Kupsky

Devin Brosseau (#14) and Sebastian Vidmar (#27) talk to officials after things got chippy

Devin Brosseau (#14) takes Fletcher Fineman (#12) hard into the boards 

Players need to separated 

Fletcher Fineman loses his lid 

Chris Klack (#8) celebrates with his teammates as the Golden Knights go up 5-1 late in the third 

Game Over. 

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