College Hockey Photos: Yale University @ Union College, January 25, 2019, Messa Rink, Schenectady, NY

College Hockey Photos: Yale University @ Union College on January 25, 2019 at Messa Rink, in Schenectady, NY

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All photos by Brent Warzocha

Opening face-off

Brandon Estes (#7) sends the puck into the offensive zone 

The benches 

Sam Tucker 

Jack Adams (#15) tries to make a move around Graham Lillibridge (#24)

Darion Hanson 

Cole Maier and Kevin O'Neil try to gain control of after a face-off 

Vas Kolas (#5) and Luke Stevens (#27) battle 

Charilie Curti (#3) tries to get by Brett Supinski (#18) 

Puck drop 

Greg Campbell (#20) heads after a rolling puck 

A little hydrating for Sam Tucker 

Ryan Walker avoids Phil Kemp and looks for teammate in front of the net 

Jack St. Ivany (#2) sends a blast towards the net 

Billy Sweezy (#6) tries to chase down the puck 

Mitchell Smith (#14), Cole Maier (#17), and Phil Kemp (#25) watch the play 

Billy Sweezey (#6) levels Ryan Walker (#25) 

The Dutchmen celebrate a goal 

Sean Harrison (#29) and Chandler Lindstrand (#10) 

Darion Hanson 

Taylor Brierley (#2) and Robbie Demontis (#9) battle for possession of the puck 

Yale goal. 

Race to the puck 

Brett Supinski 

Sam Tucker makes a kick save 

Joe Snively 

The Dutchmen celebrate another goal 

Ryan Walker flies to the puck 

Jack St. Ivany (#2) tries to get a handle on the puck as Jack Adams (#15) closes in 

Union goal!

Sam Tucker gets a drink after allowing a goal 

Robbie Demontis (#9) tries to dig the puck out of the corner 

Matt Foley (#4) takes down Sam Morton (#28) in front of the net 

Sebastian Vidmar (#27) tries to make a move to the front of the net 

Greg Campbell (#20) with a blast as Andrew Gaus (#11) defends 

Brendan Taylor 

Sam Tucker heads to the net for overtime 

Anthony Rinaldi (#8) with the game winning shot 

Game over. 

Pig-pile celebration. 

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