TBL Basketball Photos: San Diego Waves @ Albany Patroons, January 18, 2019, Washington Ave. Armory, Albany, NY

TBL Basketball Photos: San Diego Waves @ Albany Patroons on January 18, 2019 at Albany Armory in Albany, NY

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All photos by Eddie Quinn

The Patroons huddle before their game against the San Diego Waves 

Lloyd Johnson (#3) plays defense 

Darius Paul 

Lloyd Johnson drives to the basket 

Darius Paul looks for an open teammate 

Darius Paul 

Darius Paul shoot a jumper 

Edwin Ubiles 

Stephen Cunningham 

Edwin Ubiles brings the ball up court 

Darius Paul (#11) talks to his teammates 

Anthony Moe

Jerel Scott puts up a shot 

Edwin Ubiles (#8) works on a defender 

Edwin Ubiles puts up a shot 

Jordan Robinson (#12) gets air

Jordan Robinson (#12) lays it in 

Jerel Scott 

Jordan Robinson gets in position to shoot a three

We need more cowbell 

Jordan Robinson (#12) drives to the basket 

Lloyd Johnson 

Stephen Cunningham

Darius Paul (#11) tries to lay in a basket over a couple Waves defenders 

Lloyd Johnson (#3) looks to make a play 

Edwin Ubiles (#8) tries to make a move around a defender 

Edwin Ubiles at the free throw line 

Lloyd Johnson (#3) looks to make a pass 

Stephen Cunningham (#13) goes hard to the rack

Stephen Cunningham gets ready to shoot a free throw 

Lloyd Johnson (#3) throws up a one-handed shot 

Lloyd Johnson (#3) tries to get around a San Diego defender 

Stephen Cunningham (#13) in flight 

Above the rim 

Stephen Cunningham  (#13) throws it down 


Edwin Ubiles (#8) weighs his options 

Darius Paul (#11) looks for a teammate 

Darius Paul takes a shot 

Lloyd Johnson (#3) weaves through defenders 

Renard Thomas 

Darius Paul (#11) goes up for a dunk

Sajae Pryor 

Stephen Cunnington shoots a fadeaway 

Jordan Robinson (#12) goes up for a dunk 

Renard Thomas (#4) with a shot 

Jordan Robinson (#12) drives against a defender 

Jordan Robinson (#12) goes up for a layup 

Albany Head Coach and GM, Derrick Rowland 

Free throw

Darius Paul goes up for a slam 

Joshua Cameron (#6) puts up a shot 

Darius Paul does a postgame interview 

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