College Hockey Photos: Colgate University @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, February 1, 2019, Houston Field House, Troy, NY

College Hockey Photos: Colgate University @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on February 1, 2019, at Houston Field House in Troy, NY

All photos by Corey Mansfield

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Mitch Benson flips a puck in the air after making a save during warm ups 

Andrew Farrier

The Raiders huddle before the game 

Mitch Benson 

Chase Zieky (#12) snaps a shot off early in the first period 

Mitch Benson watches the action behind the net 

Nick Austin takes a look behind him as he chases down the puck 

Chase Zieky (#12) gets ready to lay a check on Trevor Cosgrove (#24)

Mitch Benson squares himself up to the action 

The Raiders celebrate the first goal of the game 

Tommy Lee (#13) reaches for a puck in the offense zone 

A goal gets by Mitch Benson 

Nick Bowman (#17) celebrates the first goal of his college career with Mike Gornall (#8)

Todd Burgess

Meirs Moore (#9) and Chase Zieky (#12) 

Jake Johnson (#23) tries to gain control of the puck as Mike Gornall (#8) holds off Paul McCoy (#5)

Willie Brooks (#4) gives Mike Gornall (#8) a shot from behind in front of the net 

Willie Brooks (#4) has some words for Brady Wiffen (#21) 

Todd Burgess (#17) and Mike Gornall (#8) celebrate with Kyle Hallbauer after scored a goal to put RPI 2-1

Owen Savory closes the pads to make a save 

Jeff Stewart (#23) brings the puck around the boards as Ture Linden (#19) lines up a check 

Owen Savory knocks away a shot 

Owen Savory 

Shane Bear (#27) throws a check into Tyler Jeanson (#22) 

Owen Savory and T.J. Samec head out of the tunnel for the third period 

Third period face-off 

Mitch Benson takes a break during the third period 

Paul Meyer (#2) checks Nick Bowman (#7)

Todd Burgess (#17) and Trevor Cosgrove (#24) go hard into the boards 


Todd Burgess watches the arena crew fix the glass 

The Engineers take a break while the glass is replaced in the third period 

Andrew Farrier watches the glass get fixed 

Jake Marrello (#26) and Josh McKechney (#7) take a face-off 

A shot sails wide of the net as Willie Brooks (#4) takes out Jake Marrello (#26) in front of the net 

Mitch Benson 

Donovan Ott (#22) tries to chase down Trevor Cosgrove (#24) 

Jake Marrello brings the puck into the offense zone 

Jacob Panetta brings the puck around the net for the Raiders 

 Chase Zieky's (#12) laser puts the Engineers up 3-1 

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