College Hockey Photos: Quinnipiac University @ Clarkson University, February 1, 2019, Cheel Arena, Potsdam, NY

College Hockey Photos: Quinnipiac University @ Clarkson University on February 1, 2019 at Cheel Arena in Potsdam, NY

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All photos by Schuyler Meyer

The Bobcats huddle before the game 
Jamie Collins (#9), Brian Hurley (#4), and Chris Klack (8)

Haralds Egle (#18) hits the ice 

Andrew Shortridge (#35) plays the puck behind a net as Anthony Churlin (#44) tries to get around him 

Haralds Egle (#18) gets ready to take a face-off 

Andrew Shortridge holds the post as a the puck rolls in the crease 

Clarkson head coach Casey Jones and assistant coach Brent Brekke talk things over 

Jack Jacome (#16) tries to make a pass on his knees to Nick Sturm (#17)

Quinnipiac celebrates their first goal of the night


The Bobcats celebrate another goal 

Nick Sturm

Haralds Egle 

Chris Klack (#8) celebrates his goal 

The Golden Knights celebrate Chris Klack's goal 

Devin Brosseau (#14) tries to get handle on the puck as a Quinnipiac player hits the ice 

Players watch as the pucks sails into the corner 

Peter Diliberatore heads to the bench

Clarkson celebrates Haralds Egles' game-tying goal early in the third period 

Kevin Charyszyn (#28) shows disappointment as the Golden Knights fail to convert on scoring opportunity 

Andrew Shortridge 

Andrew Shortridge tries to avoid traffic in front of the net as Nico Sturm (#17) gets the puck in the slot 

Classic jerseys 

Andrew Shorttidge watches the action in corner 

Josh Dunne (#21) gets ready to take a face-off 

Andrew Shortage reaches out for a glove save 

The Bobcats take the lead 3-2 on a goal by T.J. Friedmann 

Joe O'Connor (#28) gets high-fives from the Quinnipiac bench 

Brogan Rafferty (#25)

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