TBL Basketball Photos: New York Court Kings @ Albany Patroons, February 16, 2019, Washington Ave. Armory, Albany, NY

TBL Basketball Photos: New York Court Kings @ Albany Patroons on February 16, 2019 at Albany Armory in Albany, NY

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All photos by Eddie Quinn

Alonzo Murphy takes a break before the game 

Edwin Ubiles (#8) lays in a basket 

Steven Cunningham goes up for a dunk 

Steven Cunningham 

Steven Cunningham throws it down 

Pooh Johnson with a pass under the hoop 

Alonzo Murphy (#10) goes up or a slam 

Alonzo Murphy posterizes a couple Court Kings 

Alonzo Murphy just hanging around

The aftermath of a dunk 

Pooh Johnson makes a move toward the basket 

Edwin Ubiles (#8) with a jumper 

Steven Cunningham brings the ball up court 

Pooh Johnson sets up the play 

Renard Thomas 

Renard Thomas directs his teammates 

Joshua Cameron (#6) puts up a shot 

Renard Thomas 

Jordan Robinson shoots a free throw 

Edwin Ubiles 

Jordan Robinson with a shot 

Steve Cunningham (#13) goes up for a dunk against Joshua Thompason (#20)

Above the rim 

Edwin Ubiles (#8) looks to make a pass 

Darius Paul (#11) puts up a three 

Pooh Johnson with lob pass 

Ahhhhh! Sajae Pryor (#9) with the dunk 

Sajae Pryor 

Pooh Johnson puts up a shot 

Must be an important call 

Layin' it in 

Pooh Johnson puts a three 

Alonzo Murphy (#10) puts up a shot over the reach of Damon Garrett Jr. (#11)

Pooh Johnson directs his teammates  

Edwin Ubiles weighs his options 

Alonzo Murphy makes a bounce pass 

Edwin Ubiles (#8) puts up a shot over two defenders 
Pooh Johnson lays it in 

Pooh Johnson with a fadeaway 

Alonzo Murphy goes up for a lay up 

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