Women's College Hockey Photos: Cornell University @ Clarkson University, February 8, 2019, Cheel Arena, Potsdam, NY

Women's College Hockey Photos: Cornell University @ Clarkson University on February 8, 2019 at Cheel Arena in Potsdam, NY

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All photos by Schuyler Meyer

Face-off battle 

Josiane Pozzebon

Loren Gabel (#19) nets her 31st goal of the season and 200th point of her career

Loren Gabel celebrates there goal and 200th career point

The Golden Knights celebrate 

Kristy Pidgeon

Kelly Mariani (#26) talks to her teammate on the bench 

Loren Gabel (#19) tries to get control of the puck 

Ella Shelton slaps a shot 

The Golden Knights celebrate another goal 

Lindsay Browning 

Avery Mitchell (#4) puts a shot on net 

Micah Zandee-Hart (#8) battles with Cassidy Vinkle (#22) 

Lindsay Browning heads to the bench after a penalty 

Lindsay Browning goes through the door on the Big Red bench 

Clarkson head coach Matt Desrosiers talks to officials

Kelly Mariani 

Loren Gabel brings the puck into the offense zone 

Kassidy Sauve talks to a referee 

A view from above 

Maddie Mills (#22) and Lindsay Browning (#29) 

Loren Gabel (#19) flies up ice

Kelly Mariani looks to make a pass as she heads towards the net 

Taylor Sawka (#24) celebrates another Clarkson goal 

Kelly Mariani (#26) and Taylor Sawka (#24) celebrate 

Elizabeth Giguere (#7) sends a shot on net as Maddie Mills (#22) tries to block it

Kelly Mariani (#26) looking for another goal 

Action in front of the net 

Kassidy Sauve covers up the puck for another save 

Kassidy Sauve makes a save as Gillis Frechette crashes the net hard 

Rough stuff in front of the net 

Tia Stoddard (#9) and Lenka Serdar (#17) take a face-off 

Lindsay Browning 

Lindsay Browning 

Lindsay Browning watches the action in the corner 

Loren Gabel celebrates with Kassidy Sauve after Sauve shutout Cornell 


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