College Hockey Photos: Colgate University @ Union College, March 9, 2019, Messa Rink, Schenectady, NY

College Hockey Photos: GAME 2, ECAC Playoffs First Round, Colgate University at Union College on March 9, 2019 at Messa Rink, in Schenectady, NY

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All photos by Corey Mansfield

The Raiders huddle around the goal before the game 

Brendan Taylor (#19) make a move around the net with the puck 

Ryan Walker (#25) with an early scoring chance 

Sebastian Vidmar 

Brett Supinski 

The Dutchmen celebrate Anthony Rinaldi's 1st period goal to put Union up 1-0

Vas Kolias (#5) tees up a slapper 

Josh Kosack (#26) is taken down as he tried to make a move toward the front of the net 

Mitch Benson 

Ken Citron

Darion Hanson heads out for the second period 

Darion Hanson and Josh Kosack 

Sean Harrison (#29) and Tyler Penner (#21) get ready to take the second period face-off 

Taylor Brierley circles with the puck 

Darion Hanson tries to gain control of the puck with Tyler Penner (#21) in his face 

Brendan Taylor (#19) and Adam Dauda (#12) take a face-off 

Darion Hanson swats the puck aside 

Darion Hanson watches the action 

Vas Kolias 

Evan Tschumi is focused 

Ryan Sidorski (#10 and Anthony Rinaldi (#8) 

Brett Supinski gets ready to take a face-off in the 2nd period 

Darion Hanson 

Darion Hanson makes a save as the rebound rolls in front of the net 

Brandon Estes 

Darion Hanson with some crazy eyes 

Michael Ryan 

The Dutchmen go up 2-0 on a Ryan Walker goal

Mitch Benson makes a save 

Mitch Benson watches a shot sail wide of the net 

The Dutchmen up 3-0 but Rick Bennett is always taking notice 

Cole Maier playing in his last home game at Messa Rink 

Nick Austin (#11) tries to get something going for the Raiders on the power play 

Zach Emelifeonwu (#13), Brett Supinski (#18), Josh Kosack (#26) and Rick Bennett on the bench 

Jake Kupsky and Darion Hanson have a chat with during a timeout with under a minute left in the game 

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