ECHL Photos: Manchester Monarchs @ Adirondack Thunder, GAME 1 Playoffs, April 12, 2019, Cool Insuring Arena, Glens Falls, NY

ECHL Photos: GAME 1 of the ECHL Playoff series between the Manchester Monarchs and Adirondack Thunder from April 12, 2019 at Cool Insuring Arena in Glens Falls, NY

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Photos by Corey Mansfield Ryan McCarthy

Cole Kehler looks on as his team gets ready for game 1 of their playoff series 

Conor Riley takes a knee before the game

Charles Williams makes a save earlier in the first period 

Nic Pierog (#61) snaps a shot on net 

Thunder goalie Evan Cormier watches a shot sail wide of the net 

Tony Cameranesi (#12) brings the puck out from behind the net as Evan Cormier protects the post 

Evan Cormier tries to look around a screen from Sam Kurker (#9)

Kevin Dufour (#10) and Conor Riley (#44) battle around the back of the net 

Conor Riley (#44) slams Kevin Dufour (#10) into the boards 

A pair of #6's (Matias Cleland and David Kolomatis) eye a loose puck 

Daniel Miromanov (#62) puts a check on Conor Riley (#44) 

Manchester goalie, Charles Williams 

Face-off between Pierre-Luc Mercier (#16) and Brian Ward (#22) 

Charles Williams gets in position as the action heads up ice 

Matheson Iacopelli (#22) and Pete MacArthur (#16) battle behind the net 

Kelly Summers 

James Henry (#15) and Cullen Bradshaw (#10) celebrate Henry's 1st period goal 

Another view of the celly of the Henry goal

David Kolomatis (#6) chats with an official after a Thunder goal 

Evan Cormier surveys the ice before the start of the second period 

Evan Cormier protects the near post as he watches the action in the corner 

Evan Cormier gets in position 

Evan Cormier protects the near post as it gets crowded in front of the net 

Matias Cleland (#6) battles with Sam Kurker (#9) in front of the net as Evan Cormier tries to see play

Evan Cormier 

No stick? No problem for Evan Cormier 

Pete MacArthur (#16) circles with the puck as he looks to slide a pass for Desmond Bergin (#37) 

Just a man protecting a net 

John Edwardh (#9) snaps a shot on net 

Chris Carlisle (#7) heads up ice with the puck 

Pierre-Luc Mercier (#16) brings the puck over center ice 

Sam Kurker (#9) gets position in from of Evan Cormier 

Conor Riley (#44) follows through with a shot 

Stephan Falkovsky (#91) follows through on a punch to Blake Thompson (#8) 
A race up ice between Dylan Walchuk (#21) and Daniel Miromanov (#62)

Evan Cormier protects the near post as he takes a peak down the ice 

Brian Ward (#22) steals the puck and heads over the red line 

Daniel Miromanov (#62) checks Conor Riley (#44) in the boards in front of the Thunder net 

Michael Sdao (#4) swoops in front of the net to held Evan Cormier 

Evan Cormier kicks a puck a side 

Shane Conacher (#19), Michael Sdao (#4), and Conor Riley (#44) get ready for a face-off

Mike Szmatula (#91) and Pierre-Luc Mercier (#16) get ready for the puck drop

Cory Ward (#11) throws a shoulder in Shane Conacher (#19) 
Desmond Bergin (#37) heads up ice 

Matheson Iacopelli (#22) looks from an open teammate 

Cullen Bradshaw

Evan Cormier plays the puck behind the net 

Thunder clap!

Fans cheer as the third period begins 

Bokondji Imama (#18) and Brenden Miller (#8) watch the action from the bench 

Bokondji Imama (#18) brings the puck from around the net 

The Manchester bench watches the action intently 

Pavel Jenys (#28) talks with Sam Kurker (#9) 

Playoff hockey in Glens Falls, NY

Manchester celebrates their victory in Game 1

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